Chez PP.

The objectives of the project are to propose an alternative to Fast Fashion, to change the habits of consumption with the philosophy "consume less, but consume better". Find other solutions to create and make a garment by reducing the ecological and social impact. Find the true value of things and work that we have lost little by little with a system that pushes to overproduction and over-consumption "always faster, and cheaper". To give back some dignity to our clothes as well as to the craftsmanship and to make live the local companies.

P.P. favors the "coup de coeur" purchase like a vintage piece, this adrenaline of finding the rare piece. The one that resembles us and that makes us so unique, so special, particular...

You are unique

Unique or limited edition pieces. A style combining modernity, vintage, comfort and sensuality. Focus on individual pieces rather than collections. Pieces imagined over time, inspirations but above all fabrics that will shape new clothes, with 4 to 5 models per season.The pieces are made to measure and you can choose your fabric now. It's possible to customize your piece and choose to modify the sleeves for example or the length of the piece.


Each piece is handmade by me in my workshop, and is made to last as long as possible. I am constantly looking for fabrics and finishes of the best possible quality, solid seams, handmade hems ...
"Handicraft is the transformation of products or the implementation of services thanks to a particular know-how and out of the mass industrial context."

Let's go!